Monday, April 29, 2013


One of my newly found friend and "ate" here in Cambodia was actually treating us, her way of saying farewell to all of us. She invited our co-workers, some of our friends and housemates as well. We had a great time and we enjoyed a lot especially the food so much, of course we ordered the same of our fave dishes such as the garden salad, french fries, seafood, hawaiian and pepperoni pizza, "bai cha" in khmer dialect which is commonly known as the fried rice, chicken with a spread of butter.

While having our dinner, we shared sentiments and throwing crazy conversations with each other. We made sure that we had a good time even though one of our friend will not be working with us anymore.

She gave us advices and suggestions especially to our department to help one another and to continue to work altogether. We're glad and happy that we get to knew her in person for quite sometime as a co-worker and as a friend.

Farewell Ate May.

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Working Moms

Nowadays, not only men are encouraged to work for their family but also women.  Being renowned as the head of the family, and as the responsible of every financial matters are men, but not this time around. Today’s generation, women already leveled of what men have.
Due to the global economic crisis and recessions, it is crucial for every wife in assisting and helping their husband to work and find a job for the future of the family. There are many options women can do to have a good job, either they can do part time or full time jobs.
It is very popular now that many women are engaged in different types of jobs. Some are into direct selling, network marketing, and beauty experts and online jobs. Most of them preferred to just work at home especially for those who are having new born babies or those that will tasks to look and guide for their children at home. Working Moms plays the very vital role in the family, since they are already doing their responsibilities at home while helping their hubbies provide financially.
Work at home moms are already reaching in number which are already beyond such expectations. There are many options where a mommy can work at home with the use of computer and internet. Many companies are hiring such moms and individuals willing to work at home and shifting schedules depending on the employer’s classification of the job responsibility.
Increasing numbers of working moms online are giving opportunities to every company and service provider easy accessibility of job flows to both internal and external customers. Employers also can give opportunities to every mom to earn at home at their own convenience. They can select the job they want or what they love to do as long as it is needed from their work and it is given from their respective employer’s given responsibilities.

Monday, April 30, 2012

Shopping List Online

There are already different names in the internet world when we talk about search engines. Aside from the biggest and popular search engine sites, there are already micro and macro search engine sites available. Search engine sites are useful in helping internet users and providers giving information of different questions and searches being asked. Generally, search engine sites are giving free details of information to all people using internet worldwide. Internet users are easily being directed from the terms being typed in the search box into many related topic websites that are related to such topics. Unfortunately, if a user searches a topic incompletely, the search engine will provide details and give related websites that are many to mention and will take more time to scan and search the specific topic to find. There are different kinds or types of topics to consider in searching in the internet. To be able to get the specific information needed, there must be a list of topics that can help summarize the ideas in searching information.

There are search engine out in the internet are designed for such specific topics. Some search engines are contrived for specific topic or for a certain company in a certain place. The best examples for this are the shopping list search engines. Just like in the newspaper classified ads, search engine classified are into internet world. With this kind of website, people can easily get information with regard to the topics already enumerated. Like in Arizona, there is Tucson classifieds that give details and information for residents with regard to their shopping needs. It is a free shopping list search engine for residents residing in just specific parts of the place given in the classified. Other example for this is the Austin classifieds, in which residents in Austin Texas can manage to search their shopping needs and have a good time selecting their needed products before accepting the purchase. This domain is very helpful in considering customers in a particular place to find their shopping needs.

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Free Dating Site for Online Singles

Online dating sites are still renowned even if social networking sites are at large in dominating the cyber world community. Online dating sites are still important for individual looking for partners in life across the world. In Philippines, we heard many testimonies of Filipina ladies successfully found their respective love ones and grooms thru online dating sites. They shared successful stories on how they found their love life and how it goes well with the help of online dating sites.

There are different types of online dating sites. Some online dating sites are not free and give charges from every user when registered. Some are free online dating sites with hidden charges in a certain ways of application attached from the site. The good news for single people looking for friends, relationships, wife, husband, dates and love life, there are free dating sites for online singles which provides 100% free services with no hidden fees. The other good news in this free dating site for online singles, users can send or receive messages and use both audio and video chat at no cost.

This kind of free online dating sites, users can manage to communicate their friends and love ones in an easy and most comfortable way. They chat by using audio and video application for free to lessen up their loneliness especially for those partners living in different countries. Single users are thankful of the free dating sites services offered and can give positive feedback and successful stories of their life using the most advance and reliable free dating sites.

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Plastic Surgery

Nowadays, people in the society pay so much attention and valuing beauty.  Different people of different civilization have gone through this so-called “beauty”.  Meanwhile, surgery concerned with therapeutic or cosmetic reformation of tissue or plastic surgery has been accepted lately by many. In reality, many people adopt the idea of this issue and commonly used and practiced the thought of plastic surgery.  Since, many have insecurities with their visual aspects and which are signs of mental depression.  And they think that having a plastic surgery can ease their insecurities and can alter their lives.

In spite the fact that plastic surgery is more accepted now to the society, but still before doing any pace of it, people must be aware of its causes and its effects. Whether it can do well for you or perhaps can do worst in some way.  Research and always seek for advices. Like for instance, in California, there are some plastic surgery clinics and best surgeons are offering services. Rodeo Drive Plastic Surgery is one of the famous plastic surgery clinic proven in quality service and satisfaction of every patient that need their services. Lloyd Krieger, MD is a famous cosmetic surgeon of the plastic surgery Rodeo Drive branch. A lot of individuals longing a change for a better confidence if they have gone through a plastic surgery, like those in los angeles tummy tuck modifier, it is a best known for patients suffered from bigger tummy which better needs to change for a sexy tummy tuck.

Plastic surgery can add confidence to yourself but be sure that you are ready emotionally to take this procedure because sometimes some procedures of surgeries may not be lasting and can be recurring again and again. But for me, well I guess to some it would be helpful for them especially those people that have gone through accidents, and accidentally damaged any of its part. For them to lessen the trauma that had happen and to get back the confidence that they want. But still it’s a choice and it’s up to the person if he would want to undergo plastic surgery.  However, those young girls and boys in their earlier age undergone plastic surgery which I think is not right, because they just do it for the purpose of being attractive.

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Fredericksburg Roofing

Earlier in time, my husband and I decided to settle down for good and build our own family. We have lots of plans to work out, and even before the time we exchange our vows we designed already some of our plans with a designer shingles idea. One of these was to build our dream house not just a house but a dream home as well, a simple yet refined and tasteful in behavior and style. But my husband has a house already by then, a monthly amortized house by this one subdivision. I love the idea of him for choosing the nice place to build a home. I really love the ambiance of the place, very quiet and peaceful environment. Not the typical city noisy and polluted atmosphere. It’s as if your just living in a city with a forest, though we may still call it a city yet we can breathe the fresh air, seen the beauty of the trees, grasses and plants and other animals roaming around the vicinity. Since my husband has a monthly amortized house, so we came up into the idea of just renovating the house and repairing it for our desired wish dream house.

One by one we discussed on how to conceptualize our roof, ceilings, kitchen, comfort rooms, bedrooms, dining room, living room, stair steps and stairs, terrace, garage and the garden and the interior design as well. I would like to know how beautiful and easy of having an installed attic ventilation systems. We love to design our own house and home because we want that every bit and every detailed of sculpt of the materials will be meaningful to us. We wanted to have a story of every part of the interiors and exteriors of the house. A combination told story of the both of us, because we wanted our future kids will be inspired by our story and the home. He told me that he got an inspired idea from Fredericksburg roofing contractors on how to have simple yet elegant roof materials for our dream house. We are hoping to achieve our goals in renovating or building our dream house.

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Essay Writing

My sister asked me if I have an idea on essay writing. I told her of course that I know about essay writing because it is always part of the subject and lessons from high school until college and even in masters’ degree courses. I explained to her that essay writing is very important for every students and individuals especially those who loves to write.  When you are writing an essay which came from you originally and kindheartedly, you can be called as an essay writer. If you have an essay that best picked from your teacher or mentor because of its meaningful content and ideas based on the subject given, I’m sure you will become a professional essay writer if you pursue to continue learning in essay writing. Since most of students relied most of assignments and research in internet, there are already essay writing service offered online internationally.

I think students in college those taking up Mass Communication, Arts and Sciences, and other courses in which essay writing are very essential, should understand the basic steps in writing essays. They should focus in deliberation of every topic given and must have an eligible stories and ideas shared in the entirety of the essay. Not only ideas and contents are important in the essay, but also the usage of its sentences and the arrangements of each paragraph. Of course grammar is very important factor in writing essay. It is very important in essay writing with correct grammar usage.

Being an essay writer is not easy, because there are many considerations in the application of writing essay. Since, most individual, groups and companies are already into cyber world, there are lots of companies are dealing business and services thru online. Internet marketing is essential especially t those companies offering services worldwide. Like for instance, if a student is having a difficulty in writing essay due to some circumstance, like running out of time, they can easily lean on online essay writing services offered in the internet.

Friday, February 17, 2012

A Honeyed Surprising Flowers

This was really an awesome and warmth gesture of my husband. Having the time of sending a vase of flowers for me during the hearts day. He never failed to surprise me all the time, despite our distances, he still managed to show his genuine love and thoughtfulness to me by doing things that could really make me happy.
I believe that hearts day is really good to celebrate to someone you loved, not just to your husband, girlfriend or boyfriends but also to your family and friends as well. Let us show to everyone our love to have a peace of mind, thus, happiness and contentment might as well will follow.

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Mischievous & Amusing Rascals

As we passed by this road, we saw this naughtily monkeys around. I am not a monkey-lover person but in this case I kinda like them. I was amused and entertained by this playful monkeys in the road because they were a bit different amongst the other monkeys I've seen before in my entire life. They were kinda friendly and they don't eat bananas as well. I was a bit shocked when I found out that when someone threw bananas to them they will not go for it. However, when someone threw cup of yogurt and there instantly they started to enjoy eating it. 

So here I am taking photos with them, but while having picture session with them I always looked at my back side because I was still scared that they might grab my hair and make fond of me. And when they started to come nearer to us, we easily got back in our sits and flew away. What a worthy and hilarious experience it was.

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Sizzling Pork Sisig

Who wouldn’t want the taste of this sizzling pork sisig? Good for stuffs like picka-picka in a bar or in a party. Love this so much and each time I go to a bar or resto, this dish will not be missed out. When I tasted this dish at first it’s really not a strong liking in my taste. But in the second time around by tasting it, it taste so good in my tongue. And until now, I crave much of the taste of this pork sisig with matching egg on top of it and a lot of spice up. This is actually served as an appetizer to some but for me no matter how this dish will be served then I still get it and still wanted to eat it. This photo below was taken at Macky’s resto during our post celebration for the kadayawan festival.